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VPN – Keep Your Internet Access More Secure

How could you keep your Internet Access more secure? Well, first by using a VPN. Second, by using browser plugins which warn you about malicious websites. And third, by using anonymization software like Tor Browser or similar.

In this article I’ll discuss the first option as the second isn’t the one I prefer. The third option in combination with a VPN might be interesting to look at. But this I may cover in another article.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you chose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link (at no extra cost to you). It’s okay – It’s a win for everyone, really.

VPN – What is it?

So what is a VPN? “VPN” stands for Virtual Private Network. This basically means that your internet access is encrypted. Your IP-Address will be changed to the VPN-Server you are using, thus your own identity is not revealed.

By using a VPN connection, nobody is able to read or take over your connection. Even your Internet Service Provider wouldn’t be able to track anything you do online.

In today’s world, everyone is tracking visitors as much as possible. This website is no exception. However, when the tracking goes too far, your privacy is under attack.

For example, when you arrived at this website, you had been asked to agree to the tracking or not. If you don’t, you aren’t tracked. Still, some stuff like cookies (which is worth another article) will be saved on your computer. But most of them are technically needed.

As a business owner, I like to know as much about my website visitors as possible. Anyway, that’s not our topic right now. Security and Privacy is.

Why use VPN?

You already have a clue why to use a VPN. Yes, it’s about your privacy. Every business, government, or website owner is tracking you and like to know as much about you as possible.

This includes the bad boys (and girls, of course), which are just up to steal from you. The less anyone knows about your internet activities, the better secured is your privacy.

Though there are two reasons now, why to use VPN.

  • Protecting your privacy and
  • enhance your security.

But when using a VPN service provider, you really need to chose one which you trust. If they log your activity, they would know everything about you in terms of your internet usage.

How does VPN add to security?

By not revealing your real IP-Address, a VPN adds more privacy to your internet usage. Also, a VPN adds encryption to your internet connection, which makes it harder or even impossible for other to see what you are doing online.

The encryption adds also some protection against hacker attacks, as they do not know your real IP-Address.

Who is a good VPN Provider?

In the past I had used so many VPN provider, some which had offered free of charge service as well as some which only offered charged services.

None of them really satisfied me. Why? Because there always had been limitations. Sometimes the load time of websites was awful slow or the maximum bandwidth to use was just enough to regularly check your emails.

Only relying on services like the Tor Browser doesn’t bring enough privacy and security to your internet access, either.

One day I stumbled over the NordVPN website. They really offer a great service. No Bandwidth limit, numerous server locations, Apps for Windows, Mac, and Android. It even works on Ubuntu (a Linux System), which is my favorite operating system.

Windows Screenshot of NordVPN App
Screenshot of NordVPN Windows App

As I use their service now for years now and have been satisfied with the Android, Windows, and Linux integration, I’m absolutely happy to promote their awesome service.

And there is another reason. They offer fabulous deals. Check it out and click the button below.

Thanks and stay safe!