Password Storage Tools — Which one to use?

Two Password Storage Tools worth taking a deeper look at and test them yourself.

What are password storage tools? And which one should you use? Are you still writing down your passwords or manage them with your browser? This might not be a good idea. Writing your passwords down could get you in trouble as well. Just imagine losing your password notes. Also, you would have to type in your passwords manually all the time you need them.

A browser add-on might be an option. Yet, you might be bound to that specific browser and device, if there is no synchronization feature. There are special software tools you could use to manage your passwords.

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Benefits using password storage tools

The great benefit is, that you are the only one who has access to your passwords. You just need to remember one password and have access to all passwords you created.

If you use one password or single-sign-on from the bigger platforms and your account with them gets hacked, good luck.

It’s not that I’m paranoid, but safety comes first. I use different passwords with every internet service I use.

Due to the password tool I use, managing my passwords is easy as I could arrange them into groups.

Furthermore, I could even give them a color if they are very important to me or in case there is some action required with the service it belongs to.

On top of that, you are able to even set expiry dates, thus you have to create new passwords once in a while. Using a password storage tool is also something you should consider, when you have a lot of different passwords. With these tools, you could have hundreds of passwords if you want.

Most password storage tools encrypt your passwords, thus even if the file gets stolen, you would still have some time to change all your passwords. This is because even the best hackers need some time to break into the password storage database.

To make it even harder for anyone to get a hand on your passwords, it is best to use long and random passwords. Long for me means 20 or more characters, numbers, or special signs. And random just means the password makes no sense at all, as it is just the aforesaid in random sequence.

Which password storage tool to use?

Well, there are so many out there today that you have a great choice. Here are two which I found most useful.


Keepass Logo

I could recommend KeePass. Since years, I use KeePass now, and I have spoken to many IT professionals about password storage. To my amazement, a lot of them are using KeePass either.

The beauty of KeePass is that it is available for many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android and even for Apple devices.

A password generation feature is also integrated, which helps you to create random passwords. Usually I even alter the random generated passwords with some extra stuff.

And of course, KeePass also shows you how strong the password is that you created. Combined with your own cloud, you could have your password safe with you where ever you go.

Check out the KeePass website and the available Plugins. KeePass is Open Source Software, therefore it is totally free of charge to use.


On the other hand, if you like to use a Password Manager which is always up-to-date, and you do not need to care about your own cloud, you could use NordPass.

NordPass is a paid service, and it offers a lot of benefits as well. You could save unlimited passwords and passkeys. It will autosave and autofill passwords for you. Even the generation of complex passwords will be done for you. On top of it, they scan the web for data leaks to safeguard you even more.

While you have to take care of syncing your passwords with KeePass yourself, NordPass does that for you. One more thing off your list you need to take care of. Of course, they do their best to keep your account with the secure.

Sure there are a lot more features and benefits to use NordPass. NordPass is also available for businesses with even more functionalities. Check out NordPass for Business here…

That’s it for now about KeePass and NordPass. Just take them to a test and find out which one suite you best.

Stay safe!